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Dinner Party.





Bakara and I decided that it was time to have a dinner party so we can share (and eat) all of the various veg recipes that we’ve been drooling over on veganyumyum & also some others from various cookbooks that I have. We hit up the Haymarket Farmer’s Market in the morning (literally the best thing ever, if you live in Boston you MUST go) and then got to work cooking.

Here was the final menu:

To start: taziki-style cucumber dill dip with pita, french onion dip with vegetables, kale & sundried tomato hummus on sourdough bread, red potato salad with a dijon vinaigrette, garlic bread, & a greek salad with marinated tofu to replace the feta

Entrees: spaghetti with soysage and tomato-basil sauce, stirfry made from our farmer’s market veggies, & (my personal favorite and quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever made) sourdough-eggplant lasagna with homemade sauce & basil

Dessert: apple tart, pumpkin pie, & coffee with Silk french vanilla soy-creamer

Everything we made was 100% vegan & made from scratch.

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