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LA Food Adventures: Hugo’s Restaurant


I’ve read all about the wonderfulness that is Hugo’s Restaurant on quarrygirl so when I found I was going there for dinner I was extremely excited. Hugo’s is super vegan friendly so there were so many options to choose from. I’m usually kind of skeptical when it comes to vegan cheese, but when I saw that the mac and cheese was made with a homemade cashew-sunflower seed cheese sauce, I needed to try it. Me trying to explain this mac and cheese couldn’t possibly do it justice so I’ll just share the description verbatim from the menu: “Vegan Mac & Cheese: Fusilli pasta with garlic, sliced mushrooms and sweet peas in a creamy cashew and sunflower cheese sauce. Topped with crispy onions and served with steamed vegetable medley.” It was so delicious and unlike anything I’ve had before. This is just more inspiration for me to finally get a cheese cloth (yes, that’s a thing) and make my own nut-cheese (which tastes a lot better than it sounds).

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