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3 Brothers Pizza Cafe.


As I’ve mentioned in past posts, 3 Brothers Pizzeria in Rockville Centre, NY is my go-to vegan restaurant when I’m at home on Long Island. 3 Brothers, which was recently voted #1 vegan pizza by PETA, was actually recommended to me this previous summer by someone in Manhattan who told me they would take the train out to LI just for the food here – which is a testament to HOW FANTASTIC the food is. If you’re on Long Island definitely stop by; and even if you’re in the city, it’s worth the 35 minute trek on the LIRR to eat there.

Every time I go to 3 Brothers I try and explore new things on the menu (except for the mozzarella sticks – a necessity every time). This time, in addition to the vegan mozzarella sticks, I tried the spicy soy “buffalo” wings with vegan bleu cheese dipping sauce and vegan penne a la vodka. The past few times I’ve went, they have been out of the vegan desserts since they order them from Vegan Treats and they only get delivered once a week. Thankfully this time they were fully stocked with desserts so I was able to try the peanut butter bomb cake.


If you couldn’t tell by the pictures, everything was excellent as per usual: as a lover of everything that involves hot sauce, the soy-wings were AMAZING, the penne was realistically creamy and had a really nice smoky flavor because of little bits of tempeh bacon. As for a review of the peanut butter bomb cake: OH MY GOODNESS. I don’t even have words to describe it. It was the most amazing vegan dessert I have EVER HAD.

3 Brothers Pizza Cafe
212 N. Long Beach Road
Rockville Centre, NY 11570

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